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Welcome to the Capstone Web site. This Web site was designed to help support usage of the Capstone publication. Within this Web site you will find a wealth of information about the publication as well as several resources which can be used to supplement the Capstone materials in the classroom.

When combined with a textbook, Capstone provides activities for a complete high school economics course. 45 exemplary lessons, over half of which are completely new, help students learn to apply economic reasoning to a wide range of real-world subjects—ranging from personal finance to global issues. The economic way of thinking helps students bring logic and meaning to all high school economics courses.

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A market structure in which a few, relatively large firms account for all or most of the production or sales of a good or service in a particular market, and where barriers to new firms entering the market are very high. Some oligopolies produce homogeneous products; others produce heterogeneous products.

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