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Obtain valuable K-12 online economics teaching materials and lessons. Connect with other links for current events, news on economics, and economic data.

Federal Reserve Education
Learn about the Federal Reserve including history, organization, monetary policy, regulatory functions, and services for depository institutions.

Resources for Economists on the Internet
Locate data for World Bank, financial markets, U.S. Macro and regional data, Federal Reserve sites, and key terms and definitions.

Games Economists Play: Non-Computerized Classroom Games for College Economics
Obtain economic teaching activities including non-computerized classroom games, micro and macroeconomic concepts, and suggested variations to the games.

Economic Education Web
Obtain data information including general economic websites and government budgets, and access K-12 teaching resources
Obtain socioeconomic data from over 1,000 links. Search by subject, demographic, employment, income, and economic assets.

The Digital Economist
Access tools for students including study resources and links to interactive tutorials.

Economic Statistics Briefing Room
Access charts, graphs and information on employment, Bureau of Labor Statistics, income. Bureau of Economic Analysis, and more.

The CIA Factbook
Locate information on 268 Geographical global features including countries, oceans, national data, geography, people, government, and more.

Consumer Jungle
Access for resources for students including introduction to credit, flash card quiz, cost of credit cards, tips for independent living, web surfing safeguards, etc.

Resources in Economics
Obtain links to a variety of topics including general Economics resources, education & teaching, economic data, micro & macro economics, labor, and demographics.

The Mint
Access information on personal finance for students, parents, and teachers.

JumpStart Coalition
This organization maintains (with the help of the National Institute for Consumer Education) a searchable database of personal finance educational materials. There's also a section that lists personal financial management guidelines and benchmarks.

Economic Education Station
Obtain information through tutorials, visual aids, data links, and active learning lessons.

PBS Teacher Source
Access multiple lessons and activities for PBS television programs.

Access over 100 US Federal Agencies for statistics and data.

Statistical Resources on the Web
Access direct internet links in a variety of broad categories including agriculture, business & industry, consumers, energy, and more.

MyKidsBank artificial banks are used to assist in the education of personal money management. Each artificial online bank operates similar to a real online bank through a web browser on the internet. The person who signs up for a virtual bank has full control and becomes the banker. Parents find the service helpful for managing allowance for their children. Classroom teachers also use the service to assist in their classroom economy.

Visitors can listen any time (via this site) to recent broadcasts of this popular radio show on personal finance. The resources section includes listings of Web sites, books, etc. related to weekly broadcasts. There's also a forum for sharing tips on saving money.

Commanding Heights The Battle for the World Economy
The purpose of this site is to promote better understanding of globalization, world trade and econmic development, including the forces, values, events, and ideas that have shaped the present global economic system.

This is a comprehensive site of free, easily available economic time series data useful for economic research -- economic forecasting, in particular. Students are given easy access to large amounts of data and can get charts of that data.

Orley AmosWorld
The 500-term glossary here is a favorite among economic educators. Be sure to review Mr. Economy's 'Question of the Week' for irreverent, yet informative, responses to questions about economics.

Whitehouse Briefing Room
The purpose of this service is to provide easy access to current Federal economic indicators. It provides links to information produced by a number of Federal agencies. All of the information included in the Economic Statistics Briefing Room is maintained and updated by the statistical units of those agencies.

Council for Economic Education Online Publications Catalog
Search the Council for Economic Education's library of print materials for some of the best economic resources available.

Financial Fitness for Life
A multifaceted, comprehensive K-12 economic and financial literacy program for teachers, parents, and students.


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