Related Capstone Lessons

Unit 3: Lesson 16 - Making Choices About Saving and Investing

This lesson introduces the distinction between savings and the investment. It demonstrates how the price of money --the interest rate--is critical to making the right savings and investment choices. It explains when, under various conditions, it is or is not in people's best interest to save.


  • Choice
  • Inflation
  • Saving
  • Interest
  • Investment
  • Loanable Funds Market
  • Purchasing Power
  • Savings
  • Standard #2: Decision Making
  • Standard #12: Interest Rates

Unit 6: Lesson 32 - The Effects of Inflation

Students examine recent inflation rates in the United States and discuss the interpretation of inflation rates. They read about the inflation-related experiences of teachers in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe and use these experiences as a basis for identifying the effects of high rates of inflation.


  • Inflation
  • Hyperinflation
  • Standard #13: Income

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