Related Capstone Lessons

Unit 3: Lesson 19 - Earning an Income

Students examine the concept of income. They identify factors that generate in come, including entrepreneurial traits and changing conditions in labor markets. In learning how income is generated, students plan and make choices to enhance their own income-generating capacity.


  • Entrepreneurship
  • Income
  • Entrepreneur
  • Human Capital
  • Labor
  • Profit
  • Capital
  • Standard #4: Incentives
  • Standard #9: Competition and Market Structure
  • Standard #13: Income
  • Standard #14: Entrepreneurship

Unit 6: Lesson 31 - Measuring Unemployment: A Labor Market Mystery

Students examine an economic mystery regarding employment and unemployment statistics. They learn how the Bureau of Labor Statistics measures employment and unemployment. They use the Guide to Economic Reasoning and some arithmetic to solve the mystery of how employment and unemployment can increase at the same time.


  • Choice
  • Incentive
  • Labor
  • Labor Force
  • Unemployment
  • Unemployment Rate
  • Employment Rate
  • Standard #18: Economic Fluctuations

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